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First Offense Second Offense Third Offense
Jail Time 3 to 180 days 30 days to 1 year 2 to 10 years
Fines and Penalties Up to $2,000 (unless a child under 15 is in car or BAC is higher than 0.15) Up to $4,000 (unless a child under 15 is in car) Up to $10,000
License Suspension 90 days to 1 year 180 days to 2 years 180 days to 2 years
Interlock Ignition Device No Yes Yes

Child in the Car

A DWI with a minor child (15 years or younger) in the car is a felony offense with enhanced penalties. Your license may be automatically revoked for up to 2 years, Child Protective Services may open an investigation, and a conviction may result in a loss of rights, such as voting and ownership of a firearm. If you have been charged with a DWI with a Minor Child, it is imperative that you seek representation to protect you and your loved ones. Jee Law will challenge the evidence and customize your defense to obtain the most favorable outcome.
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